Who is Dr. Dupree?

Dr. Dupree is a Board Certified General Surgeon who specializes in minimally invasive robotic and advanced laparoscopic surgery
He is considered a thought leader in the repair of complicated hernias and abdominal wall reconstruction.  He can be found speaking on the subject of Hernia repair, addressing audiences of colleague surgeons around the country.

He has a unique skill set that enables him to thoroughly assess your condition to determine the least invasive approach to the remedy you may require.    

Furthermore, he embodies the caring, expert skill, knowledge and experience necessary to provide the surgical intervention that will be least disruptive to your body, and to your lifestyle. 
You can hear Dr. Dupree relate, in his own words, what being a doctor/surgeon means to him by clicking here to view his
 Your selection of a surgeon is an  incredibly important decision.  One  that should not be taken lightly.  You  should consider several factors:

 1)  Does your surgeon have the
     skill and experience to provide
     you with an optimal outcome?

            Dr. Dupree is one of the leading robotic
       surgeons in the state of New Jersey.
       He was the first, at Riverview Medical
       Center to perform single-incision
       surgery.  (Leaving almost no visible scar).  
       Often finding himself in a preceptor role
       to  other surgeons.   
       He was also 'first' to utilize FireFly
       Fluorescence Imaging, which aids
       in the identification of critical anatomical
       structures during surgery, enhancing the
       safety and accuracy of the operation.
2) Does your doctor have
    experience performing the type
    of procedure you need?  
  • Dr. Dupree performs almost 1,500 procedures per year, ranging from the highly advanced and technically challenging to the more routine procedures.
  • While the skill required to exact a favorable outcome varies from case to case and patient to patient, Dr. Dupree applies the same focus and concern to each and every case utilizing the safest and most effective modalities available.
3) Why does the doctor practice
  • Dr. Dupree knew that he wanted to become a surgeon since he was a very young boy growing up in a small town in Upstate NY,   He enjoyed watching television shows like MASH with his father, and dreamed of the day that he would become a surgeon, dedicating his life to healing patients, like the character "Hawkeye".
  • His father took great pride in his craft, and taught young David the importance of becoming a "MASTER" of his trade.
  • He receives great personal pleasure, pride, and satisfaction, when he is able to improve the quality of one of his patients' lives and safely and effectively relieve their pain.  He is ever searching for superior ways to accomplish that end.